The Nice

I opened The Nice booking agency, obtaining residencies at The Speakeasy Club and The Marquee Club in London.  At The Marquee Club we were given a special guest spot with The Jimi Hendrix Experience and we went on to play the best that we ever played.  Jimi was standing at the side of the stage as we came off, as the crowd roared for more.  Jimi said how good he thought it’d been would we like to be on his new tour.  Well, a big yes was the answer and we never had to look back because everything snow balled from that night.  You can read an actual interview, which was recorded while I was on tour at the official Jimi Hendrix Magazine site now.

from Davy O’List; lead vocalist, lead guitarist, electric trumpet player, producer, arranger, writer and engineer from The Nice, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, John Cale and The Pink Floyd

The first single for The Nice The Thoughts of EmerList Davjak, which I wrote and produced, came out at the same time and reached the Top 40 largely due to the mass teenage girl audiences on the Jimi Hendrix tour who bought it.  Well thanks to those girls, I was in the charts for the first time.  They were screaming at me every night when I sung The Thoughts of EmerList Davjak and when I played with The Pink Floyd.  I always said that The Nice should have stayed on the “Teeny Bopper” circuit to achieve more single sales but the album sold extremely well until this day.

Interesting Background History

Here’s something interesting you might not know I helped to name Yes.  When I was touring with The Attack, before I formed The Nice, I met up with Jon, Chris, Bill, Tony and Pete a couple of times in Birmingham at the late Indian restaurant we found was open after gigs.  They were called The Syn then.  I re-met them all one night at the Speakeasy Club in London about a year later, just when The Nice had broken The Marquee box office record originally held by The Who.  I asked them how they were doing and Jon told me they were looking for gigs.  I told him that with a name like The Syn it might not gel with the audiences, as the description was on the dark side and was not very attractive.  Jon agreed, yes.  Then we both said yes at the same time, then we both laughed because that was it!  Be YES I said and I will give you a support spot at the Marquee next time we play there.  After they renamed themselves and were given a top support spot with The Nice everything changed for them and a record company soon signed them up having seen them play to The Nice audience.